Unapologetically Exposing America’s Racist System


“We are all made equal.”

Although these encouraging words are truths according to egalitarian principles, they aren’t America’s reality. It’s indisputable that there is a major inequity to be a minority than white in this country. Believing that people of all races are inherently equal and entitled to the same privileges is merely an illusion. And although diversity is at an all-time high, separatism is still prevalent, resulting in significant racial barriers.


Because people are seeing more respected and admired African-American figures in mainstream America, they’re inferring that racial inequalities have been eradicated. For example, white Americans argue that racism doesn’t exist because “we have a black president.” To the contrary, since Barack Obama has been president, racism appears to have gotten worse (or perhaps it was always lurking in the shadows, waiting for an elected black president in order to come to light).

Still, many whites contend that the president is encouraging “white genocide” and that whites are becoming the “new minority” in America. Would these things be of any concern if the president were white? Of course not!


The only area that whites are a minority in is mass incarceration. The racial disparity in the imprisonment of minorities is appalling, to say the least. African-Americans and Hispanics comprises of almost 60% of the prison population, even though they only make up roughly one quarter of the US population. Basically, if African American and Hispanics were incarcerated at the same rates of whites, today’s prison and jail populations would decline by approximately 50%.



And candidly speaking, institutional racism has become simply “a way of life,” in America. The economic, educational, and social disadvantages have negatively shaped the behaviors, attitudes, and assumptions of mainstream society towards minorities.

But believe it or not, these things can change!

The first thing we as Americans must do is accept the fact that racism exists. And because some people have been blinded to that reality for so long, they simply can’t seem to recognize it unless it’s wearing a hooded robe and torching a cross on a minority’s lawn.



Racism comes in many forms. For example, racial injustice is unarmed and non-threatening black men and women being injured or killed by police officers, and those officers not being held accountable for the crime. It is also the propaganda that the media perpetuates of Muslims by forcing Americans to believe that they are more of a threat than the Ku Klux Klan, which still hasn’t been identified as a terrorist group, despite all of the crime they’re inflicting on Americans.

Nevertheless, through empowered narratives, Racism In America will expose racism in all of its’ malignant forms. We must acknowledge it, and then have candid discussions that lead to real solutions. Turning a blind eye or falsely believing that it doesn’t exist will only reinforce the existing racial disparities.


Racism In America’s goal is to promote black societal progression and encourage the practice of true equality among all people. We aim to silence white supremacy, while emphasizing to all people that pro-black does not mean anti-white. We are anti-racism by any means necessary.

By publishing articles clearly highlighting the historical roots in Black contemporary issues, RacismInAmerica.org is shutting down white supremacist rhetoric that, “Black people destroyed their own community… Black people are lazy and just want hand-outs … Blacks don’t care about each other; that’s why they kill each other.”

According to them, Black people are “uncivilized and can’t be taught.” However, RacismInAmerica.org has published hundreds of articles refuting this myth. For instance, What They Don’t Tell You about the Black Middle Class expounds on the strong socioeconomic of middle class Black Americans.

Overall, the more cognizant that people are about racism, both subtle and deliberate, will allow them to identify their roles in the problem and make effective changes accordingly.

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