Animating Superheroines of Color!

Animating Superheroines of Color!

Llewellyn James is a professional illustrator (both traditional and computer-based), filmmaker and graphic designer.

He has “extensive experience in every facet of media production and design, with a readily trackable success ratio in past endeavors on behalf of organizations such as The African-American Historical Association of Fairfield County, Connecticut, Congregations Organized For A New Connecticut , The Caribbean World Chamber of Commerce as well as The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, just to name a few(Click here for a wide selection of various documentaries and advertisements [he] has made for a host of clients: Film-Making edited, shot and Narrated by L. Llewellyn James ).”

Llewellyn James has “officially grown fatigued with the overtly salacious, denigrating and intellectually vapid depiction of people of color that I consistently see in Global Mass Media (especially the American variation, thereof).”

In short, “[he] has been working on a project, encompassing computer animation and cinematic story-telling concepts, titled, “Pilots of The Caribbean.”
“The idea revolves around superheroines of color–each with positive attributes, fully-realized story-lines and intriguing subtexts of historical importance infused into every character’s fight for justice, humanity and respect– who each hail from one Island in the Caribbean.”

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