The List of #WokeWhitePeople That Twitter Acknowledged as Being Racially Conscious

The List of #WokeWhitePeople That Twitter Acknowledged as Being Racially Conscious

As Black Lives Matter had originally gained momentum, more and more non-blacks, mostly whites, began to speak out about their disdain with the movement. Many, especially the media, attempted to discredit the organization’s motives, and utterly criminalized their protests, but failed to slow down Black Lives Matter endeavors.

Still, although there have been more than a fair share of white Black Lives Matter non-supporters, there have been just as many white activists, openly showing their support for the movement. As a matter of fact, the hashtag #wokewhitepeople seems to be recirculating on Twitter.

Tweeters have taken the time to acknowledge racially conscious white people, whom they believe to have gone completely against the status quo, by speaking out against racism.

Below is a list of tweeters and the #wokewhitepeople they are acknowledging:





































A few of my own #wokewhitepeople includes:

TIM WISE, anti-racism activist and writer.

Tim Wise








JESSE WILLIAMS, actor, model, and activist.

Jesse Williams










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