Florida Sergeant Witnessed Black Brother’s Mug Shot Being Used as Police Target Practice (VIDEO)

Florida Sergeant Witnessed Black Brother’s Mug Shot Being Used as Police Target Practice (VIDEO)


It is a regular practice for North Miami Beach officers to use mug shots of real suspects during target practice. However, their method has gone under fire after a Sergeant Valerie Deant prepared to begin target practice for the annual weapons qualifications training, only to witness one of the six mug shots of black men included an old image of her 18-year-old brother’s–Woody Deant, “booking photo among the bullet-riddled targets left behind by North Miami Beach police” snipers. Woody Deant’s arrest was a result of being in connection to a drag race in 2000 that left two people dead.

Sergeant Deant was distraught and called her brother to inform him of the atrocity. “The picture actually has like bullet holes,” Woody Deant said. “One in my forehead and one in my eye. …I was speechless,” he added.

Although in this particular case the North Miami Beach officers utilized mug shots of only African-American men, “Some feature only white men, others are all Latino and one features photos of only women,” according to Major Kathy Katerman. She adds that, “The public thinks there should be one woman and one white man and one black, but that’s not really what test is about. We have targets of all races.”

North Miami Beach Police Chief J. Scott Dennis admitted that his officers could have used better judgment, but denies any racial profiling. He noted that the sniper team includes minority officers. Dennis defended the department’s use of actual photographs and says the technique is widely used and the pictures are vital for facial recognition drills.

“Our policies were not violated,” Dennis said. “There is no discipline forthcoming from the individuals who were involved with this.”



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