Georgia High School Principal Insults Black People at Graduation

Georgia High School Principal Insults Black People at Graduation

The environment during TNT Academy’s graduation ceremony in Stone Mountain, Georgia suddenly became tense when the high school principal–also the founder of TNT—Nancy Gordeuk, uttered a racist remark toward guests. Her “rude” comment didn’t sit well with most of the students and their families, causing them leave the graduation ceremony in protest. The incident was captured on video, which has since gone viral via social media.

It started when Gordeuk mistakenly dismissed the ceremony before allowing the valedictorian to give his speech. Unaware of this, the audience attempted to leave the auditorium when suddenly Gordeuk roared into the microphone requesting them to return. Many continued on to the parking lot, which apparently frustrated Gordeuk. Consequently, she rebuked the exiting guests and unexpectedly blurted, “Look who’s leaving, all the black people.” Rightfully so, the remaining guests departed their seats in awe, seething from Gordeuk’s racist comment, and stormed out of the auditorium.

Ultimately, in what some are calling an apology, Gordeuk justified the comment, saying that the behavior of some of the guests had been “disruptive” which upset her. Nevertheless, people aren’t forgiving and demand that she resign from her position. They argue that her remarks were a personal sentiment that she’s been concealing.



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