KKK Attempted to Send a Message to Florida Baptist Churches

KKK Attempted to Send a Message to Florida Baptist Churches

Either the Ku Klux Klan or their imposters are on a mission to send a message to churches in Crawfordville, FL. Upon arriving to the Mount Olive Primitive Baptist Church in Wakulla County for choir practice, members discovered “’KKK’ spray-painted on the side of their church.”  

And the vandalism didn’t end there, either. Just up the road, churches New Bridge Hope Missionary Baptist and Pilgrim Rest Primitive Baptist were also sprayed with the white southern resistance’s initials as well. Furthermore, if that wasn’t enough a “truck at Wildwood Golf Course” was also vandalized with the initials.

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Defacing private property has captured the attention of the FBI, who has also joined forces with the “Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office,” investigating the incidences as hate crimes.

It’s unclear what message the criminals were attempting to send. However, the message that the community took from the hate is that it’s time to come together and “see someone held accountable for these crimes,” said Wakulla County NAACP Organizing Committee President Anginita Rosier.

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Fortunately, Wakulla County Sheriff Charlie Creel informed the community that suspects are being investigated and a $5,000 reward has been offered for “information leading to an arrest.”



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