Mark Dice Lies About Black Man Who Made Threats to Trump, Being ‘Black Lives Matters Thug’ To Rile Up White Supremacists

Mark Dice Lies About Black Man Who Made Threats to Trump, Being ‘Black Lives Matters Thug’ To Rile Up White Supremacists

For the many that are unfamiliar with conspiracy theorist Mark Dice, he is a white supremacist advocate who is known to argue about the powers of secret societies, such as the Illumanti, Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove, and how said societies control “human affairs and global politics.” But to be candid, reading any of his work or watching his videos gives the impression that the man spends much of his spare time snorting lines of his own ego, giving himself a euphoric high as he listens to himself murmur subtle racism and weakly highlight black celebrity’s ties to the Illuminati.

Recently, Dice published a 3-minute video spewing his racist thoughts on a black man who’d recorded himself vehemently rapping about his disdain for presidential candidate Donald Trump. In the video,the black man admitted to being willing to “go to hell” for committing Trump’s murder. Clearly bothered, Dice defined the man’s rave as a “terrorist threat” and suggested that the man would not suffer any consequences for making such a video because he benefits from “black privilege,”  a term Dice invalidly and incoherently defines as:

Since we’re living under liberal tyranny, and the attorney general Lorretta Lynch, who is also black, the establishment almost always looks the other way for terrorist threats and actual serious other crimes that the blacks commit. Now in this country, in the name of Black Lives Matter, because, well, that’s what liberal tyranny does.

After posting the link to his video on Facebook, Dice lied–I assume in an attempt to incite people to watch the video–accusing the black man of being a Black Lives Matter affiliate, “threatening to assassinate Donald Trump.” He went on to question, “when are we going to start throwing these animals in jail?” What animals, you ask? Well, according to Dice, those that benefit from “black privilege” while “our liberal Justice Department lets them continue to roam the streets,” as if blacks escaped from the local zoo.

Mark Dice

And once Dice opened up his bag of racism, this gave the “greenlight” to his white supremacist supporters to come out in droves and spew the “N-word” in the post’s comment thread.

Mark Dice 2

The bottom line is there are many white supremacists that openly admit to being so, but Dice is one who claims to be race neutral with an objective to merely highlight the “New World Order’s” corruption. The man will create an entire video denouncing the claim of being a racist, but then follow-up with another generalizing black people and referring to them as: animals, thugs, criminals, and blaming anything that a single black person does on Black Lives Matter.  The reality is Dice is a racist fraud, gaining momentum as a result of the support from the same individuals who sustain Trump. These types of conservatives, whether they be Fox News, Mark Dice, or Alex Jones, incite fear in Americans by pushing false narratives about black people and criminalizing revolutionaries like Black Lives Matter.

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