How Poor White Conservatives Blame all their Problems on Blacks, Muslims, and Mexican Immigrants

How Poor White Conservatives Blame all their Problems on Blacks, Muslims, and Mexican Immigrants

The typical Donald Trump supporter: far-right, anti-government lunatic, is usually poor white people who possess a major disdain with the quality of their own lives. Majority of these people are uneducated, illiterate, and lack proper healthcare.

We’ve witnessed these individuals chant sayings such as, “Make America great again”, “Build that wall”, “Obama wants to take our guns”, and “libtard,” but not because they genuinely believe in the words, but instead they’re sadly convinced that a Trump presidency will help them achieve riches.

Though “sane” Americans haven’t heard Trump utter any or even insinuate any realistic or effective plans to rebuild America, through his rhetoric Trump’s supporters have gathered that he will bring back high paying jobs to the United States by putting a tariff on China. According to Trump, this will boost the value of the American dollar, which will reduce the current massive inflation that’s keeping the average person from economically advancing. However, most economists are saying that Trump’s tariff threat won’t advance the dollar, but instead force China to increase prices of all American exports entering China. Consequently, Trump’s plan will put the country into a recession. But his supporters are so loyal to him that spelling out these facts to them will only fall upon deaf ears.

I was watching a movie about Mexican drug cartels and Mexican immigrants illegally coming into the U.S. There was a group of white guys who patrolled the Arizona border to keep “illegals” from coming into the country. One of the guys stated that he “became anti-immigration” after he lost his construction job due to cheap Mexican immigrant labor. Infuriated, he decided to dedicate all of his time to stopping immigrants from coming across the border instead of changing his skills or finding a way to better himself. Clearly, his behavior is indicative of one giving up on life and blaming immigrants for his own decisions: the common conservative narrative.

Poor whites blaming minorities has historical roots in contemporary society. Once slavery was abolished, blacks had an advantage over whites due to the number of skills they had acquired during their time of entrapment. Consequently, this allowed them to compete with whites for jobs, resulting in thousands of lost jobs for whites across the country. It didn’t take long for white leaders to notice, magnifying a movement of white hate groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan. The commonality amongst the hate groups is that members consisted of poor white farmers or merchants that were afraid that blacks would gain more wealth, and then leave them behind. As a result, they burned black towns, black businesses, lynched black people, and bombed black churches out of fear of blacks becoming socioeconomically superior to them. And it didn’t help that rich whites snubbed them, commonly referring to them as trash. Thus is where the term “white trash” is derived from.

Today, states like Mississippi, which have some of the poorest people in the nation, vote majority Republican—a party that has historically been in favor of positions that serve as a major disadvantage to poor people. For instance, Obamacare—(the Affordable Care Act) a U.S. healthcare reform law that expands and improves access to care and curbs spending through regulations and taxes, has literally been a “thorn in Republicans’ spine.”  Since it was enacted in March 2010, the Republicans have vehemently aimed to repeal it, arguing that it would increase insurers’ overall costs, premiums would go up, and insurers would flee the exchanges. However, none of their claims have come to past. But what’s ironic is that many of the same individuals that oppose Obamacare are also taking advantage of the federal program. When asked why they would want to repeal a subsidy that they’re benefitting from (actually in dire need of), many have replied, “The blacks are abusing the system. I’d rather give up my benefits than to have them taking all the welfare.”

The bottom line is to the date, the poorest whites believe to be superior to even the richest blacks, solely because they are white. However, I agree with them. In American society, regardless of one’s social class, white skin has proven to supersede all others, which is why there are more blacks in prison than whites, even though statistics shows that whites commit more crimes than blacks. Furthermore, a well to do black man simply driving home in his nice vehicle in an affluent neighborhood will get pulled over by police before a white man driving a vehicle that obviously doesn’t belong in the part of town that it’s spotted in.

Poor whites statistically have an advantage by being born white in America. Therefore, a poor white with normal intelligence and whom is not disabled has no excuses why they can’t succeed in America. More importantly, their failures isn’t the result of blacks, Muslims, and Mexican immigrants or any other minority group. Minorities are not responsible for poor whites’ lack of education, poor healthcare, and stupidity. Their ruins are a direct result of the rich white folks that control this country, and the poor whites’ own meager decision making.

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