Racist Video Games That ‘Can Physically Rewire the Brain’

Racist Video Games That ‘Can Physically Rewire the Brain’

Video games have been said to have a major influence on players’, especially children. Experts have said Nine out of 10 children play video games. That’s 64 million kids—and some of them hit the keyboard or smartphone before they can even string together a sentence. The problem: many researchers believe that excessive gaming before age 21 or 22 can physically rewire the brain.”  

Furthermore, studies have shown that the cognitive and behavioral impact on gaming can be negative. Therefore, one can only imagine the social and psychological outcome of gamers, especially children, who might excessively play racist video games—those that perpetrate hate and violence against other races.

Below are 3 games that should have never been released in the “gaming” market because of the racist messages, connotations, and disrespect that the video games promote:

Angry Trayvon: Revenge


Angry Trayvon: Revenge is a racist Android App available on Google Play. This game is about a “character” named Trayvon who is on a mention to seek revenge on “bad guys who terrorize cities everyday.” Players are able to use different weapons to destroy “Trayvon’s attackers” all over the world. The makers claim that “This game is fiction and does not represent any real persons,” but who are they trying to fool.

Border Patrol

Border Patrol3

Border Patrol epitomizes racism.  As the logo says, “There is one simple objective to this game, keep them out at any cost.” The “them” is referencing a “Mexican Nationalist, Drug Smuggler, and Breeder,” who are attempting to cross the United States border illegally. What’s most disgusting about this game is the fact that the “breeder” is a negative connotation for a pregnant Hispanic woman racing to the welfare office. This extremely racist game amplifies racial stereotypes of Hispanic people.

Kaboom!–The Suicide Bombing Game


Kaboom! The Suicide Bombing Game is one game that perfectly exemplifies disrespect. The purpose of the game is to kill and injure as many “men, women, and children” as possible to acquire points.  The player acts as a man from the Middle East who hauls around an explosive belt that detonates once the mouse is clicked, killing and injuring men, women, and children. What makes this game so disgusting is not only its’ purpose, but also the fact that the game makes terrorism appear trivial when it’s actually one of this country’s biggest threats.





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