Report Racial Injustice

Racism In America encourages victims of racial injustice to share their story with us.Your experiences, whether they be blatant or subtle, are important to us and we want to ensure that your story be told and voice be heard. However, we understand how difficult it is to capture the world's attention without having a strong social media platform or the ability to get into the news "spotlight."But that's why we're here to help.

Submit your experience below, providing as many details as possible for us to review. We will help you to expose bigots, racists, and all of those who insist on preventing societal progression, multiculturalism, and the practice of true equality amongst everyone.


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To All Hate-mailers: Thank you for spending valuable seconds, minutes, etc. of your life on our site. We appreciate your obsession, but rest assured it is, very likely, not mutual. Our advice to you is to look into the mirror and spit your hateful venom to the reflection. That is the ONLY person who might take your hate seriously.

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