Spokeswoman Elizabeth Lauten Turned to Facebook to Rant on Obama Girls (VIDEO)

Spokeswoman Elizabeth Lauten Turned to Facebook to Rant on Obama Girls (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Lauten, spokeswoman for Republican Rep. Stephen Fincher forgot that her job is to maintain a positive public image, instead of making a complete “ass” of herself. Lauten decided it would be a good idea to publicly “bully” President Obama’s daughters Sasha and Malia on facebook because she didn’t “appreciate” their facial expressions displayed during the turkey pardoning ceremony. 20141130_elizabeth-lauten_yt Sasha and Malia didn’t appear to have done anything that a teen uninterested in an event would have done. However, Lauten was “extremely displeased” with the girls “classless” and “disrespectful” demeanor.

On the other hand, how could the girls be respectful of such a ceremony when their “mother and father don’t respect their positions very much, or the nation for that matter,” according to Lauten.

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She went on to rant on the girls “disrespectful” outfits, saying “Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar.” This statement really blew me away. I think the Thanksgiving turkey and dressing must have gotten to her brain and she mistakenly was thinking of the Bush girls when she made that statement. Where was she when Bush’s daughters were caught acting completely “classless” and “disrespecting” their father’s position as President of the United States, falling out drunk in a bar. Drunk_Jenna_Bush

And speaking of bars, where was Lauten when she took this photo. God forbid that she is caught with a drink (possibly alcoholic) in her hand. The way that she judged Sasha and Malia for making “facial expressions,” I’m sure she wouldn’t be caught dead in a bar-like environment.Elizabeth Lauten Drinking Nevertheless, Lauten realized she stuck her foot in her mouth after the post went viral, creating an outcry on social media. People were so disgusted by her rant that someone posted her professional contact information with people requesting folks contact Fincher to express their concerns with her post. Many people went as far as demanding that she be removed from her position as spokeswoman.

Hours after making the insensitive post, Lauten came to her senses and put out the following apologetic post on Facebook: Elizabeth Lauten Apology

It’s obvious that she isn’t genuinely sorry. She’s only sorry she got caught and criticized.



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