Teacher Fired After Racist Rants Referencing Ferguson Riots (VIDEO)

Teacher Fired After Racist Rants Referencing Ferguson Riots (VIDEO)

Second year Duncanville High School teacher Vinita L. Hegwood was “placed on suspension without pay pending discharge,” after tweeting racially charged messages regarding Ferguson riots. 

Spokeswoman Lari Barager of the Duncanville Independent School System said during a conference that “under state law a school district’s board of trustees fires staff members and the district will pursue that action with the board soon.” 

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Hegwood tweets included:  

  • “Who the #$@% made you dumb ass crackers think I give a squat @#$! About your opinions about my opinions RE: #Ferguson? Kill yourselves.”
  • “As if I’m backing down from my words. You exhibit @#$# behavior, I’ma call you a @$##. You acting crackerish, I’ma call you a cracker.” 

According to Lynn Rambo, Professor of Law, Texas A&M, Hegwood’s rants and suggestion for individuals to kill themselves are exactly what the school district will imply prevents her from efficiently performing her duties “as a public school teacher.”

CNN posted a statement which informed that “Vinita Hegwood submitted her resignation, accepting responsibility for the tweets that she said were sent, “emotionally and impulsively. The Duncanville Independent School District seven-member board declined to accept her resignation and instead voted to terminate her, district spokeswoman Lari Barager said.”  

This final text actually backfired on Hegwood: 

  • “I got a twitter acct so I could express myself freely, because I may say something on FB that the “wrong people may see.” 

In the end, it wasn’t “FB” that she should have refrained from exposing her bigotry. 

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Let this be a lesson to all racists who deem it necessary to “express” their racism “freely” on social media. Anything that you put on the internet is never private so if you are concerned about the “wrong people” seeing your racist behavior, keep your bigotry to yourself. That’s the safest and best way.



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