The New American Apartheid: System of White Supremacy Based on Anti-Black Racism

The New American Apartheid: System of White Supremacy Based on Anti-Black Racism

Racism In America‘ strongly stands by Dr. Patricia Reid’s explanation of The New American Apartheid: System of White Supremacy Based on Anti-Black Racism.

In a report addressed to the United Nations, Dr. Reid described the reality of the Status of Descendants of Africans Enslaved in the United States.

Dr. Reid’s report challenges the United States to address why a thorough study hasn’t been conducted on African Americans–descendants of African slaves. This is important because if proper studies had been conducted, the disparities in the laws and policies currently being used to oppress Black society would be addressed. Now, it appears that the powers that be have turned a blind eye to the plight of Black communities all over the nation, and the cases of police brutality are treated as rare anecdotal instances.

The report revisits slavery and Jim Crow, and then compares the laws and policies of those eras to those of the “New American Apartheid” (current date America).

Also, Dr. Reid individualized African Americans from Black Americans–the inclusion of African immigrants and descendants of African slaves. Furthermore, she brought awareness to the fact that African Americans cannot trace back our African ancestral roots. 

African Americans are the only group in America that doesn’t know anything about our ancestral background.

I mean think about it: whites can claim Irish, German, or even French backgrounds. Even African immigrants and Afro-Caribbeans can trace back to their ancestral roots. However, most African Americans can only trace back as far as slavery, and then the trail runs dry.

So I thought that I’d share portions of Dr. Reid’s report because her articulation of African slaves descendants’ status is perfect. Also, below I’ve provided Dr. Reid’s very interesting and factual chart, listing African American’s legal experiences in America between 1472-2015. If the chart doesn’t reveal the seriousness of our status in this country, I’m not sure what will.

The existence of  DAEUS [Descendants of Africans Enslaved in the United States] resulted from a unique confluence of historical events that brought Europeans, Native Americans, and Africans together, creating the so-called “New World” of the Americas based on Atlantic worlds of economic, cultural, and political connections.

The United States established a distinctive legal framework that espoused freedom and democracy while brutally suppressing people of African descent regarding them as nothing but property and chattel. Over 544 years, in three phases of American history, the law has been used to oppress people of African descent: the invention of racial slavery, the re-creation of slave-like condition through legal Apartheid (also known as Jim Crow) and the re-creation of Jim Crow through the new American Apartheid.

AmericanApartheidSince 1980, a new system of legal apartheid has been constructed. Like the old system, there continues to be slavery a large portion of the Black population based on incarceration. There continues to be legally authorize racial discrimination. There is authorized lynchings and murders by police and others that have recreated the climate of terror and like other periods, there seems to be little legal recourse. While this system impacts all blacks, whether it disproportionately impacts DAEUS is unknown because of the United States failure to collect data.

This history, of American racial slavery and legal apartheid, survives in the nation’s racial and legal consciousness and perpetuates racial disparities in the United States. However, many DAEUS without doing their own family’s research, only know these broad strokes (if that) in their individual identity as a people or in their understanding of self. 4413

It is a rich history, but one that is unveiled only through study and self-education. What makes DAEUS unique is that they were placed into their condition by force. Their segregation and subjugation as a result of their historical, political, and cultural, exploitation benefitted the United States. The enslavement of African thus gave other oppressed groups a legal, cultural, economic, and political advantage when they voluntarily migrated to the United States. 



Chart Courtesy of Dr. Patricia Reid

The chart above shows the time span of the atrocious legal experiences that Blacks endured in the United States.  Dr. Reid highlighted the most crucial eras in history that has impacted African Americans over 500 years (counting to the date).

Click here to view a PDF of Dr. Reid’s entire report.

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