Top 6 Racist Billboards and Signs by KKK in Harrison, AR

Top 6 Racist Billboards and Signs by KKK in Harrison, AR

Harrison, AR is a small town making national “noise” due to the racially charged billboards that the KKK is responsible for putting up. The town is approximately 137 miles north of Little Rock, with a population a little over 12,000 residents, 97% being white. Although Harrison consists of many descent, hardworking people with hearts opened to all races, the KKK is vehemently attempting to paint the picture that they are spokesmen for the town, specifically through their pro-white billboards and signs.

The Klan’s most recent racist billboard reads, “It’s NOT Racist to ♥ Your People.” And they are right. It’s not racist to “love” your race, but it is racist to “hate” other races.

Layne Ragsdale–member of The Harrison Community Task Force on Race Relations–said that she “hoped” the billboard was a “joke” when she first learned of it. “They’re still trying to smear the community with their opinions. They’re trying to pretend they’re the voice of Harrison. It just gets so old. Move on, already.”

Previous signs had been removed, only motivating the Klan to put other signs up in what they refer to as “even better location than the others,” according to Klansman Billy Roper. He and longtime leader of the Knights Party, one of the longer-lived KKK organizations in the country, Thomas Robb find the racist messages to be entertaining, saying, “We could have put the billboards up the next day, but it is more fun to allow them to be puffed up and then prick their bubble.”

Needless to say, the KKK don’t plan to end their racist charade any time soon. Robb adds that he is “looking to put up another sign on Interstate 40 in Russellville, near Arkansas Tech. ‘I already have the OK from the billboard company, but we need a little of this stuff $$. Anyone want to help?'”

Previous Klan Billboards in Harrison:

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