The TRUTH about FBI Crime Statistics by Race

The TRUTH about FBI Crime Statistics by Race

As more exposure is being given to the unjustified killings of black men by white police officers, the Black Lives Matter movement is gaining momentum. Consequently, many contend that the movement isn’t warranted because police officers murdering black people isn’t the real issue, but instead crime committed by blacks. As a matter fact, the notion that blacks are perpetrating the most crime in this country is said to be the real reason that police are obligated to scrutinize, even target them.

However, according to FBI crime statistics by race, it isn’t blacks who are driving criminal activity. Actually in 2014, blacks committed only 28.3% of all crimes. And it shouldn’t be bewildering that whites dominated commission of crimes by perpetrating 68.9% of them, considering they denote 77% of U.S. citizenry.

Still whites argue, “Blacks make up 13.2% of the population, but commit 37% of crime. Clearly black people are uncivilized, dangerous, and more violent than whites.” But it is irresponsible to point out black Americans’ crime facts without considering attributions to the crime rates.

Despite popular belief, crime in black communities is directly attributed to structural oppression. I know it’s easier to take a “colorblind” position, believing that all blacks have the same opportunities and resources as whites. Commonly, whites and other minorities have argued that black people are oppressed in society because they refuse to take advantage of their “post-slavery freedoms.”

However, the reality is in America, the majority of black citizens do not share the same wealth or opportunities to establish prosperity as their white counterparts. In fact, black men and women in this country are paid average salaries of only 67% and 64%, respectively, of a white man working in the same position. The racial wage gap is one of many reasons for an equally large gap in the quality of black communities, including its impact to high crime. Consequently, black communities have little opportunity to grow within themselves due to a lack of funds and resources. 

Also, it is a major disservice to all Americans to ignore the lack of efficient education, employment, housing, and overall wealth that’s accumulated by the average black family as compared to white families, while focusing on statistics of black crime. 

The black men and women that struggle to find efficient paying jobs, while lacking appropriate skills and education, and possess no direction to help them become productive and prosperous citizens tend to turn to crime to boost their own economic vitality.

And I know what you’re thinking: “every race struggles, so get over it.”

Although this is true, unlike black people, every race does not have a pipeline leading directly from schools to prisons. Every race is also not the primary targets of the prison industrial complex, destroying black families for financial gain. Every race doesn’t have the court system ruling that public school systems are not responsible for providing quality education to students. Every race doesn’t have foreigners saturating their communities with businesses, while failing to hire the residents that make up that community.

This is what happens when an entire community is oppressed. So when I read that black people commit 37% of crime, I remind myself that most of those people are living in poverty, lacking opportunity, business strength, and fortitude in their communities. 

But more often than not, whites will compare the plight of black Americans to the success of immigrants, sarcastically spouting things like, “Blacks can’t get ahead like all the other non-whites who immigrate here, & start their own business & thrive all over the place.”

Well, foreigners have many more advantages of U.S. capitalism compared to that of their homeland than black Americans. And, in addition to the federal and state tax incentives for business investment available to foreigners, political stability and minimal government regulations also provides them with an advantage. Moreover, the U.S. encourages foreign business development by offering green cards to those who invest $500,000 to $1,000,000 into the U.S. marketplace, creating at least 10 jobs. Not to mention, many foreigners obtain a substantial credit line from their homeland bank, which they use to start American based businesses. 

Most of these services are simply denied to black people so how could one compare black people’s lack of success to the success of immigrants?

In addition to suggesting that blacks commit the most crimes in general, it has become standard for the media to promote the misconception that blacks are overwhelmingly committing the most “violent” crimes in the country. This is very misleading because it’s simple to refer to statistics without, once again, considering the cause. The data must be interpreted in order to get a clear picture of what’s going on.


Research shows that crime has more to do with economics than the race of people. For instance, a study of Columbus neighborhoods found that violent crime rates in extremely disadvantaged white neighborhoods were very similar to rates in comparable Black neighborhoods.The violent crime rate in highly disadvantaged Black areas was 22 per 1,000 residents, not much different from the 20 per 1,000 rate in similar white communities.

However, according to the FBI, the most violent crimes are murders, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault, all of which whites excessively perpetrate. In 2014, 390,233 violent acts were committed and blacks were responsible for only 37% of them. Contrary to what the media suggests, statistics prove that whites execute 59% of violent crimes in the U.S.

And let’s not forget about the multitude of wealthy whites that have a different level of privilege than all other middle class and poor people. Whites such as Ethan Couch can kill and injure with impunity, and not cause their entire race to be criminalize because of their actions, unlike black people.

“Oh, but wait! Black people are more violent per capita,” you’re thinking. “The most violent cities are populated by black people.” Well, I think it is bias of one to point out this fact without also examining the extremity of white mass murders. Whites are quick to reflect on black people’s violence per capita, while ignoring or forgetting:

  • Columbine High School massacre–13 Dead
  • Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting–26 Dead
  • Bath School Disaster–45 Dead
  • Unibomber–3 Dead, 18 Injured
  • Tulsa Oklahoma Bombing, Timothy Mc Veigh–168 Dead
  • The Happy Land–87 Dead
  • Middle East, Africa, Japan,  Native Americans, Black Americans, etc,–too many to mention
  • And several others historical and contemporary.

Still, the blacks that commit crime against black victims are typically poor with very minimal education. Just like the poor white residents, for example, in the Appalachians.

Beattyville, KY is considered the poorest white town in the country (98% of its 1,700 residents are white). This city is among the four lowest income towns in the country and it’s also riddled with drugs and economic despair. Consequently, crime rates soar in that area just as they do in poor black areas.

It is also important to remember that poverty and lack of opportunities are synonymous to crime. Areas where blacks are thriving have much lower crime rates per capita. For instance, Olympia Fields, IL maintains a population of 69.6% black. This community scored an 88.8 for violent crimes, compared to the national average of 202.6. However, across town, Chicago Heights scored 434.7. The major difference between Olympia Fields and Chicago Heights is the median household income and education level. Residents of Olympia Fields have a household median of $79,762 and possess college degrees, whereas the citizens of Chicago Heights mostly have only high school diplomas and a household median of $18,000.

The bottom line is that the media has used all communicative platforms to define black culture as violent, and therefore, are an imminent threat to white people. They use statistics of criminality against blacks to reinforce the idea that blacks are lawless, and therefore, deserve every form of violence perpetrated against them. 

The media completely circumvent actual facts that are publicly displayed on, in order to promote their racist agenda. Mediums such as Fox News, CNN, etc., commit a major disservice when they refuse to acknowledge and divulge the entire truth about blacks and crime. Falsely convincing society that black people are the most criminal only proves that this country has contempt for blacks, and consequently, view them all as threatening and inferior. The media’s one-sided, superficial, and exaggerated depiction of black people reduces the real variety, depth, and complexity of the entire race.

Furthermore, when the issue of white police officers murdering black people is addressed, mainstream society conspicuously attempts to deflect from the matter by challenging “why isn’t black on white crime discussed?” Well, let’s discuss it now.

FBI data shows that of all white victims of murders (3,005), only 13% (409) are actually committed by blacks.  84% (2,509) of the killings of white people are committed by white people. This fact is overlooked because by acknowledging it requires accepting that white on white crime is just as prevalent as their favorite topic, “Black on black crime.”

FBI statistics also prove that the highest offense charge is “Drug abuse violations.” The data reveals that approximately 69% of those violations were committed by whites and only 29% by blacks. However, there are more blacks in prison for drug related offenses than whites. Furthermore, how is it even possible for blacks to represent only 13.4% of America’s population, but maintain over 60% of the prison populace? This fact is designed to give the impression that blacks are more susceptible and prone to drug crimes than any other race, especially whites.

But it is a fact that marijuana use is roughly equal among blacks and whites, yet blacks are 3.73 times as likely to be arrested for marijuana possession.  It is also a truth that blacks are more likely to get caught with crack, unlike whites who tend to possess powder cocaine. Consequently, people convicted in federal court of possession of 5 grams of crack cocaine will receive a minimum mandatory sentence of 5 years in federal prison. On the other hand, possession of 500 grams of powder cocaine carries the same sentence.

The media will use the disproportion of mass incarceration of blacks to support their false claims that blacks commit the most drug related offenses. Meanwhile, they circumvent revealing the other side of the coin, which is that the prison industrial complex–a system of racist drug laws, and bias policing and court system used for economical and social advancement–is the primary reason that blacks receive stiffer sentences than whites.

Overall, in America whites kill whites and blacks kill blacks. And even though black violent crime rates are higher than whites per capita, it is irresponsible to use statistics to paint black people like dangerous animals without considering how poor socioeconomic contributes to their demise. 
Black people aren’t any more susceptible to violence than whites. As a matter of fact, there are several affluent black communities with very little crime activity, especially compared to the national average. On the other hand, there are just as many poor white communities that are saturated with crime and drug activity. Yet, the prison populace doesn’t reflect this fact. Instead, more blacks are convicted of the same crimes also committed by whites. And on top of it all, the media uses these facts to demonized black people in order to control the opinions of mainstream society and their behaviors toward black people. 
These are the facts. Black people aren’t more violent than whites; there are just more poor blacks than whites.

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  1. Not saying there arent disparities but your stats are accurate but not complete. Alao look at the fair sentencing act of 2010. Crqck and coacaine sahre relatively the same sentence now. Not trying to undermine your arguements or even disagree with some but make sure you don’t spread a false narrative or incomplete ststistics. It accually discredits your valid arguements.

  2. You do realize the White category has, Caucasians, Hispanics, North Africans, Jews and Middle Easterners all combine, right? So the white crimes are actually lower than what you’re saying.

    • February 8, 2016, 1:54 pm

      Actually, The white category takes all of those nationalities into account and doesn’t change the fact that “whites” are the most criminal in America.

      • You literally have no idea what you are talking about. Do you see Hispanics in separate box in the crime statistic? There is a close to a 10% difference when you take them out. Look at the violent crimes murders etc.

        • SO you want to call Hispanics something else? The crimes are by RACE…not etnicities! Nice try. Most Hispanics are White. Get over it. DO you think they deduct Somalis, other Africans, Jamaicans, …etc from the black statistics.? He’s dead on. He just exposed the slight of hand that most folks do not see….conveniently. And I suspect, most biracial people go under Black. Of course, if they were President,,,there would be a drawn out discussion regarding DNA. Go figure. ETHNICITIES are a subcategory of RACE. All Italians aren’t White are they? All French aren’t white…and every African isn’t Black.

      • Not even white July 5, 2016, 10:38 pm

        Take Hispanics out of it or not, the truth of it is that you are intentionally dishonest to your readers. You know good and damn well that whites commit half of all crim being 63% of the population. Blacks commit almost the whole other half being 13% of the population. If 1 person does the same amount of crime as 5 others combined, how can the 5 possibly be as violent/criminal as the 1 who did almost the same? You are either intentionally lying or extremely ignorant. Tell the truth, unless of course, your viewers can’t handle it or would attack you for it, which we know they would. You’d be an uncle Tom if you told the truth. Lying piece of crap.

        • Just Stop the LYING to yourself white M F ers are the MOST HATEFUL SADISTIC CRIMINALS THE WORLD HAS EVER AND WILL EVER SEE‼️

        • So….the stats are by race and your argument is what? Hispanic is a race to itself? It’s not. In some FBI stats it’s broken out, but it shouldn’t be. Hispanic is not a RACE. They can be Black or White. Do you see a breakout for Asians or Blacks by ethnicity? No…you do not. SO…who is being dishonest? It’s easy to identify Blacks by skin color. It’s a taller task to discriminate and isolate Hispanics. What other reason would someone do this? Let me know.

      • You can’t possibly be this dense…

    • Even when Hispanics are taken out. Whites still account for more Violent Crimes than any other Race.

  3. This is some kind of joke right ? Stay in skool …..

    • March 10, 2016, 1:39 pm

      Says the person who suggests that I stay in “skool.” Wow…

      • Scott Lamirand July 17, 2016, 2:33 pm

        Flip the script for this author to understand. 100 people were commissioned to build a shopping center. 80 of those people built 60% of the facilities while 20 people built 40%. Who did more work? Your statistics look a little different when you put a positive connotation on them, don’t they? I assume in this scenario you would want to give credit to the 20 for doing more, right? My guess would actually be that you would twist this into some sort of 80 forcing the 20 to do the work slavery/racism rant. But that my friend is how proportions work, you must take your numbers from both the positive and negative aspects to fully grasp the data you are working with.

      • He was making fun of you.

        Get a clue.

  4. Actually there are only 12% blacks and they commit 37% of crime and whites are over 80% and commit 60% of crime….you see the picture…..

  5. The article is total bs, you are trying to spin statistics to paint the picture you want.

    you say “blacks ONLY committed 37% of the violent crimes” while ignoring the fact that they only make up 17% of the population! Their rate of crime is disproportionately high compared to their percentage of the population. All while whites, which make up 77% of the population, make up less than 60% of the violent crimes.

    You also share the number of black on white homicide (409), but decline to share the number of white on black. Which, if it were proportional to population, should be around 1600 white on black deaths, but is actually lower than the number of black on white.

    Also, you say cops shoot blacks more often, which is true, but the shooting of different ethnic groups by police is directly proportional to the percentages of violent crime that group commits. I.e, if you are caught stabbing someone, you are more likely to be shot than if you are vandalizing property.
    So stop pointing fingers and refusing to accept the fact that black are disproportionatelycommitting crimes. By all means, I am not saying it is because they are black, but rather because they do not have adequate educational systems, have a disproportionate rate of growing up in broken homes (due to democratic legislation in the 50s-60s), and generally are lower class, bordering on poverty, if not for government assistance.

    Is there a problem? Yes. But ignoring it won’t get you anywhere.

  6. What a joke. Notice how there is no category that says “Hispanic”? That’s because most of those “white” people on the list are Hispanics. Obviously, some Hispanics are very white(Argentinians), but this is extremely misleading. Counting all these Amerindian/Mestizo Mexicans as white is just silly. In order to get an actual list you have to go by state data in states which distinguish whites from Hispanics, because the FBI wants to lump the two together to avoid controversy.

  7. Your right, America is a horrible racist hell hole. Blacks just can’t get ahead like all the other non-whites who immigrate here, & start thier own business & thrive all over the place. Lets all leave this horrible country, & head back to Africa. It’s funny how America is so awful, & yet people risk thier lives to immigrate here.

  8. I’ve seen some pretty shabby articles that attempt to twist data to support their misconceived ideological views, but this is the most offensive. It completely ignores the dispropotionate “aggravated” crime rates.

    From the FBIs Uniform Crime Reports 2014 (most recent) Table 43:

    51.3% of all Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter
    55.9% of all Robbery
    33.1% of all Aggravated assault

    FBI data, also found that 40 percent of cop killers are black.

    It would be safe to assume that based on aggravated “criminal activities” (an average of the above three) that 46.8% of all police shootings would involve a person of this race and yet, only 26 percent of police shooting victims were black. This from a demographic that makes up 12 percent of the US population.

  9. Mmmm yeah until you notice that Hispanics are lumped in as “whites”. Go look at stats where it’s broken down further and see what you come up with for “white crime”. Nice try though.

  10. […] And so you see blathering bullcrap like this one that I post in its entirety at the bottom of this a…in which whites get that leftist hate-blame and Hispanics are NOT EVEN MENTIONED AT ALL. […]

  11. Idiots!

    Blacks make up 13% of the population while white people make up 66%. Those crime statistics also lump Hispanics in with whites.

    By proportion, black people commit FAR more crimes than white people do (especially when detached from Hispanics).

    It’s also worth noting that twice as many white people are killed by black people than the other way around.

    Damn, liberals are stupid.


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