White Dad Turns to the Internet to Expose Black Adopted Daughter’s Racist Bullies (VIDEO)

White Dad Turns to the Internet to Expose Black Adopted Daughter’s Racist Bullies (VIDEO)

Prior Lake, Minnesota Father, Bradley Knudson, and his wife’s New Year’s Eve celebration was ruined after their 8th grade African-American adopted daughter’s, Dierdra, friend informed them of the racists Snapchat messages she received from a set of white twins from Prior Lake High School.

The twins sent several racist messages, but after the fourth, Knudson hit the record button. The recording wasn’t very clear, but you can definitely hear the twins calling Deidra a “slut,” “nigger,” and a “fat ass bitch.”  

Knudson attempted to contact the twin’s parents several times, leaving multiple voice messages. He even visited their home, but wasn’t able to reach anyone. After several failed attempts to reach out to the parents, Knudson went to the police who then spoke to the boys and their parents. That’s when Knudson obtained Deron Puro–father of the twin’s–cell phone number and gave him a call.

Surprisingly, Puro wasn’t receptive to Knudson’s claims at all. Instead he began “bullying” Knudson, admitting that he and his family use the term “nigger” all of the time around their home.

According to Knudson, the conversation didn’t go well and he ultimately hung up on Puro, but that wasn’t the end of it. Puro had the temerity to call Knudson back and leave the following message:

“Yeah, Brad, tides have turned, huh? I guess you’re nigger lover. Call me back.”

Knudson did just that, calling Puro back to inform him that he’d planned to post the video online. He asked Puro if he “owns” his position and Puro agreed. With that, Knudon posted the video on youtube and after a few days had received over a million hits.

People were utterly outraged by the hate that the twin’s parents encourages. As a matter of fact, the twin’s were ultimately removed from school because of the threats they received.

Puro was an independent contractor at a financial firm, and his employer confirmed to Fox 9 on Wednesday that he is no longer associated with that company as of Jan. 21. 

Ultimately, Puro and his family apologized for the racist rants. Puro added that he doesn’t remember the voice messages because he was under the influence of pills and alcohol during the time the messages were left. The family have since relocated from Prior Lake. It is also said that Puro has entered rehab for his substance abuse issues.




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