White Girl Rants about Wishing to be Black Because of ‘Black Privilege’ (VIDEO)

White Girl Rants about Wishing to be Black Because of ‘Black Privilege’ (VIDEO)

A video of a juvenescent white girl explaining “how privileged blacks are getting recently,” has gone viral and fueled a public outcry on social media. The girl spoke with equanimity throughout the entire footage, oscillating between making hateful, racist comments about blacks and paradoxically “having thoughts of being black.”

The hyperbole privileges that she claim blacks have, includes getting, “away with racist jokes,” and “anything except laws.” However, she failed to highlight the most prominent “privileges” that blacks are warranted:

Keep in mind that these black “privileges” doesn’t even touch the surface of the racial disparities that are integrated within the black community.

While watching the video it became immediately apparent that the girl is tumultuous, definitely racist, and suffering from her own insecurities as a white female.

She starts off by discussing how “hurtful” it is for people to refer to her as a “trap”—slang for a male who looks like a female —and pleads for folks to be considerate of her feelings. Yet, throughout the video she tactlessly perpetuates negative paradigms that stigmatize black people even today. She pitifully requests to be viewed not only as relevant, but also as a woman. However, she audaciously calumniated an entire race of people, with no regard to how her bigot overtone exacerbates societal setback.

“It’s natural when you see a black person to think that you’re in danger … Now they’re straight out of Africa, now they’re giving my town Ebola, which is why they should just stop letting blacks in America now, cause they’re just gonna spread more diseases, which is more than likely how AIDS already got here, just from like, blacks being in here,” she said.

The brevity of her perception of black people encompasses how innocuous many whites view them. On the other hand, one can conclude that the girl uses “blacks” as a metaphor that defines how she and society view her.

“But ya know, I just want the attention of thinking, ‘Hey that girl’s black.’ So when they see me they think, ‘Hey, she’s black.’ But I don’t want the negative response of being like a, a danger to them, like you know. I just want the attention.”

So basically when she said that, “I just kinda wish that black people didn’t exist anymore,” she was really referring to herself. With that, I’m not sure if I should pity her for being a racist moron, or for the self-hatred that has clearly consumed her, leaving her with no identity at all—not even a “black” one.



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