White People Argue Beyonce’s Halftime Show Anti-Police and Racist

White People Argue Beyonce’s Halftime Show Anti-Police and Racist

White people are “in their feelings” about Beyonce’s new single “Formation” and her performance of the hit at 2016’s halftime show because of their perception that the song encourages black solidarity. Furthermore, many are angry that all of the singer’s dancers were black, the costumes were a tribute to the black panthers, and that her song is supposedly “racist.”

The fact is, as long as Beyonce has ignored the injustices that have plagued the black community, she’s the best thing whites had since bread. However, now that she has created ONE song, making a political statement and acknowledging her heritage, roots, and culture, whites have deemed her “racist,” “ghetto,” and claim that her “music is [suddenly] trash.”

The fact that it’s considered “political” to sing a few lines of black affirmative lyrics at a game played predominantly by black people is an atrocity. Although it is apparent that the video has clear political messages–police brutality, the Black Panthers, Malcolm X–the political visuals were stripped away during the halftime show. Nevertheless, white people are acting like Beyonce used that platform to call for a real revolution. Instead, she used the halftime opportunity to announce that she is “going on tour” in 2016, but clearly the dancers’ black panthers costumes distracted from that fact.

And if white critics’ and racists’ opinions of Beyonce’s performance aren’t ridiculous enough, former Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s response to her show is even more baffling.

“This is football, not Hollywood and I thought it was really outrageous that she used it as a platform to attack police officers who are the people who protect her and protect us, and keep us alive.”

This is why Guiliani wasn’t elected to become Governor and definitely lost the presidential race in 2008. Clearly, his priorities aren’t in the right place. He has chosen to ignore the fact that unarmed, non-threatening blacks are being gunned down 4 times more than whites by police officers, but instead decided to address Beyonce’s halftime performance and even accuse it of “attacking police officers.”

First of all, people tend to use their platform for what is considered to be of relevance to them. For example, Guiliani has used his national platform many times to reveal his disdain for black lives, but nobody seems to acknowledge this.

Despite white people’s beliefs that Beyonce’s performance pushed an “anti-police” and “Black Lives Matter” message, in actuality she simply force fed America a small bit of the black reality during the most watched event of the year, while encouraging people of color to be unapologetic about their blackness. She definitely went up against the status quo and cultural subjugation, and it is NOT her fault that this makes white people uncomfortable.

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