White Supremacists Use These Sense of Entitlement Having Black Folks to Justify Their Racist Ideology (Watch)

White Supremacists Use These Sense of Entitlement Having Black Folks to Justify Their Racist Ideology (Watch)

The black community has an issue that isn’t new, by any means, but as a writer specific to racism in America, I’ve failed to discuss it. So many blacks, definitely not the majority–although this supremacist society aims to portray this perception, carry a convoluted sense of entitlement, which white supremacists use to justify depriving blacks of their basic human rights and dignity. This subset of African-Americans allow their myopic way of thinking to vindicate an unsubstantiated sense of entitlement, causing the oppressors to completely disregard the black fight for equality and respect, and instead exaggerate the idea that blacks are merely lazy, able-bodied welfare recipients “crying” for handouts.

Those who’ve crowned themselves as entitled typically benefit from several government subsidies, display many signs of irresponsible behavior such as having many children that they can’t financially support, and are overall on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum. For example, remember 37-year-old Angel Adams? She is the African-American woman that had twelve of her fifteen children living in a two bedroom home, before the landlord learned of her living conditions and informed her that she had to vacate the property.

The landlord argued that the home simply wasn’t equipped to accommodate the amount of people that Adams had living there. However, at the time the state of Florida had been paying Adam’s rent and utilities, as well as issuing her with a wealth of food stamps each month. Nevertheless, Adams was ultimately evicted from her home and living in a motel with her fifteen children.The news station caught wind of Adam’s story and decided to interview her. It was at this time that Adam revealed just how rapt she was in her sense of entitlement, vehemently proclaiming that, “somebody needs to pay for all my children, for all my suffering, somebody needs to be held accountable, and they needs to pay.”

Another example of a misled, falsely entitled individual is the aunt of 2-year old Catareon Dunn and 3-year old Ladareon Dunn, who were left home alone while she and their mother went to take a guy who cut their grass home. Unfortunately, while they were out, the house caught fire, capturing the lives of the two babies.

The neighbors called the women to inform them of the fire, and revealed that they’d witnessed the trapped children yelling and screaming, but couldn’t help them because the flames were simply too overwhelming. Well, of course the news was on top of this and interviewed the aunt. Bizarrely, this woman admitted that she had no regrets leaving the babies in the home alone because she didn’t know how the fire broke out, which doesn’t make any sense at all. But what’s really disturbing is what this woman confessed to being her greatest concern. “I really need to get in there and see if my purse burned up cause I had my food stamp card and everythang in there,” she stated through giggles. The fact that she’d just lost her two nephews was of little importance, but the food stamp card demanded her immediate attention.

Although these stories are a bit dated, the sense of entitlement that these people and so many others possess is still very relevant. As a matter of fact, a more recent case is of 17-year-old, Miami teen Trevon Johnson, who was fatally shot after a homeowner caught him exiting her home that he’d just attempted to rob. The family of Johnson completely exaggerated the homeowner’s guilt and minimized Johnson’s blame and responsibility.

Johnson’s cousin Nautika Harris was interviewed by WFOR-TV when she disturbingly blamed and ridiculed the homeowner for protecting her property. Harris refused to hold Johnson accountable for his decision to break the law by robbing a home, but instead suggested that the homeowner’s decision to protect her property was ” way beyond the law – way beyond.” 

This is exactly what is meant by some African-Americans having a convoluted sense of entitlement that is opaque to everyone, but these people. Johnson’s family’s audacity to suggest that his life should have been preserved simply because his intentions were merely “to get his money to have clothes to go to school” is obnoxious and ridiculous, to say the least. Since when has breaking into someone’s home become a legitimate and respected way to earn income: stolen money at that? Not to mention how humiliating and hypocritical it was to witness them actually referring to a burglar as someone with a “future ahead of him,” and with real “goals” despite what his criminal actions suggested. Furthermore, it is absolutely shameful for these falsely entitled people to state that people should view this  situation “from [Johnson’s] point-of-view,” instead of the homeowner’s.

This is the issue that black society has today. There’s a misconception that all black people possess “criminal eyes,” meaning that majority can understand, empathize, and view a way of life from a criminal’s perspective, but this is asinine and false.

It is common practice for the media to exploit  “entitled” black folks for the sole purpose of painting the conception that all blacks possess this false sense of entitlement, giving society a reason to view them as “savages.” It’s nothing but a systemic method of psychological conditioning to maintain white dominance by means of mass manipulation. By deliberately programming society to criminalize all black people is how this racial social system perpetrates itself.

The subset of African-Americans’ ignorance is seriously counterproductive to the fight to dismantle the systemic oppression that has consumed black people. Hardworking, resilient black people confront black challenges with a spectrum of legitimate weapons, and the “entitled” citizenry aren’t doing anything, but feeding ammunition to white supremacists. These are the people that white supremacists use to justify their own convoluted ideology that blacks are unwilling or unable to help themselves and to work hard to get themselves out of their oppressive state. They claim that blacks are lazy, and want handouts, confusing this with their fight for and demand of equality, and their determination to eradicate the systematic and intentional demise to their lives.

The fact is that, just like the racists, black people also recognizes the small subset of individuals who are convinced that they are owed something, and believe it or not, those individuals infuriate other blacks as well. Nothing comes easy to no one in this society, especially not black people. However, all blacks are simply demanding their fair chance to thrive: not expecting the government, tax dollars, or any form of handouts to survive. Furthermore, criminality isn’t exclusive to the black culture. And contrary to the popular racist belief, most black people do not view crime as a method to boost their own economic and personal vitality, especially at the expense of the next hardworking

There are people in all races that are irresponsible, lazy, refuse to accept accountability, and expect others to accommodate them despite their toxic decision making. Again, this is not exclusive to the black race, despite the media’s historic attempts to suggest otherwise. Actually, it’s not restrictive to any race, but believe it or not, especially racists and white supremacists who are quick to suggest that black people aren’t deserving of equality, it is more common in the white race than any other.

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  1. The person above (Tonie) has been alive for hundreds of years, all while enduring torture, and a host of other atrocities. That’s truly amazing! How have you managed to live so long? It also appears that you’re speaking for some sort of “collective” (you use “We”)…are there more of your kind? Have you all lived for hundreds of years, or have some lived for longer than others? Are you immortals?

    I’m wondering, if it’s not too personal, what type of torture did you personally have to endure? Whips, chains? Sounds terrible! I’m glad to hear you’ve managed to live so long despite such trauma.

    Best of luck in getting what you’re owed for your torture.


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