Whoopi Goldberg Says Only Black People Can Recognize Racism (VIDEO)

Whoopi Goldberg Says Only Black People Can Recognize Racism (VIDEO)

The women on the show “The View” got into a heated debate while discussing racism—one of the most controversial topics.

The conversation opened with Whoopi Goldberg announcing that President Obama “opened up Cuba.” She went on to add that while Michelle Obama was in Cuba, she revealed to have been mistaken for being “the help” while traveling to a Target on her “highly publicized trip.”

The women agreed that racism does exist in America, but the conversation took a turn for the “horrible” when Goldberg claimed that black and colored people are targeted and profiled because they don’t look rich. In other words, racial profiling has nothing to do with racism, but instead the appearance of lacking wealth.

Bizarrely, she went on to suggest that “being racist is when someone walks up to you and says, ‘Nigger, I hope you die.’”

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News flash to Whoopi Goldberg! That’s called explicit or blatant racism. There are several forms of racism such as subtle, micro aggressive, and even institutional to name a few.

To counter Goldberg’s ridiculous argument, Rosie Perez—who’s Hispanic—revealed that when she and her sister went to a VIP lounge at an exclusive hotel in San Antonio, her sister was approached and requested to “clean the table.” Goldberg then had the temerity to suggest that Perez’s sister may have been profiled because the person assumed that “all Hispanic people who are in there [the VIP lounge] couldn’t afford to be in there.” And if that wasn’t asinine enough, Goldberg then advocated that she doesn’t believe Perez sister’s incident was racist but instead “stupid.”

I found myself scratching my head, pondering on her words, trying extremely hard to make sense of them. Finally, I accepted that Goldberg’s ideology is that racial stereotyping doesn’t exist and it definitely isn’t racist, but instead only “stupidity” and “dumbness.”

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Hey Goldberg, the only thing that’s “stupid” and “dumb” is for a minority to suggest that the only type of racism is blatant and that racial stereotyping is basically not real.

The women ultimately expounded on the “opportunities” that President Obama didn’t take advantage of to discuss racism. After Rosie O’Donnell gave her position on the subject, Goldberg had the audacity to vehemently inform her that “you are a white woman trying to tell me what is racist to you.” Of course she was implying that O’Donnell had neither the right nor the ability to tell her what’s considered racist. Clearly Goldberg overlooked the fact that O’Donnell is raising a black child, which she definitely reminded Goldberg during their debate.

One would think that that would be enough for Goldberg to consider changing her position on the subject, but no it didn’t. Instead, Goldberg added, “it doesn’t matter.” Completely appalled, Rosie responded that “you don’t have to be black to know what racism is.” And Goldberg being the headstrong person that she appeared to be retorted, “Yes you do!”

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With that, according to Goldberg’s theory you have to have black skin to recognize black people.

That’s completely absurd! A blind person can recognize racism. Is she suggesting that black people are the only race that can experience racism? I wonder what the Hispanics, Asians, and other races have to say about that.

Whoopi Goldberg needs to remove the blindfold from her eyes and realize that not only does racism exists, but it impacts all races in some form. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how professionally dressed you are or wealthy you appear. People will hate you because of who you are, and not necessarily because of how you present yourself. Whether it’s as explicit as being called a contemptuous term, such as nigger, or as subtle as being treated a certain type of way because of your race, it’s all racism and it’s all real.

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