Why Are You Mad? Rep Steve King is Right: ‘Where Did Any Other Subgroup of People Contribute More to Civilization?’

Why Are You Mad? Rep Steve King is Right: ‘Where Did Any Other Subgroup of People Contribute More to Civilization?’

Social media is in an uproar over Iowa Republican congressman Steve King’s white supremacist comments that he made during an interview on MSNBC with Chris Hayes. The panel had been discussing the lack of diversity in the Republican party. Apparently, King doesn’t understand why people are so concerned about non-white “subgroups” having positions in the party when they hardly “contributed to civilization.”

Steve King: “This whole ‘old white people’ business does get a little tired, Charlie. I mean, I’d ask you to go back through history and figure out where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you are talking about? Where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?”

 Chris Hayes: “Than white people?” 

Steve King: “Than Western civilization itself that’s rooted in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the United States of America, and every place where the footprint of Christianity settled the world. That’s all of Western civilization.”

Now, many people are upset with King’s rhetoric, but I can’t help but wonder am I the only African-American that agrees with him? He stands correct in that no other non-white sub-group has contributed to Western civilization in ways that whites have.

When King made his comments, the first thing that many people thought of was how the country was built by the blood, pain, oppression, rape, forced free labor, and murder of African slaves. Others reflected on the spread of disease by Europeans to the Natives, genocide of, and stolen land from the Natives. Some considered the slew of wars that were perpetrated for the purposes of colonialism and imperialism by the Europeans.

However, this was King’s entire point. This country was stolen and built savagely by colonialist Europeans and no other non-white sub-group contributed to that. Whites own that, and deserve full recognition for it.

As you listen to King’s remarks, don’t concern yourself with how Counter Punch so eloquently articulates that:

Of course we all know that through forced free labor, slaves developed America into the modern, industrial, and capitalist economy that exists today. Furthermore, yes, if it weren’t for the Natives having their people slaughtered and land stolen, this country wouldn’t begin to be the most powerful nation to date.

Still, none of this dismisses the fact that barbaric, European savages perpetrated atrocities against the same non-white sub-groups that they confidently suggest have made no real contributions to Western civilization. The fact is that while white supremacists are too quick to highlight what they believe to be “their” accomplishments towards Western civilization, they fail to highlight how Europeans are fully responsible for the destruction of most civilizations around the world!

And also, for the record, I know white supremacists worship this man because according to their history books, if Christopher Columbus hadn’t discovered America there would be no Western Civilization. However, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but according to Global Research, “it is impossible to discover a people and a continent that was already there and thriving with culture. Contrary to popular belief, African American history did not start with slavery in the New World. An overwhelming body of new evidence is emerging which proves that Africans had frequently sailed across the Atlantic to the Americas, thousands of years before Columbus and indeed before Christ.”

I just thought that I’d remind the Steve King’s of “Western Civilization” of this fun fact, just in case they forgot or were under the impression that European “sub-groups” are responsible for discovering the Americas. I’d advise anyone under the impression that Columbus is the “hero” who discovered this country to read, “They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America (Journal of African Civilizations).”

But the bottom line is this. There would be no civilization, at all, if it weren’t for those non-white sub-groups that King, and so many that share his sentiments, have marginalized.

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  1. If I had an opportunity to actually answer him in his face, I’d have told him this.
    For you who tries to deny the Contributions Black people have made to Civilization. You need to read the book entitled, (1) “Golden Age Of The Moors, by Dr. Ivan Sertima. He’d know that the Moors were Black, and who conquered Spain and Portugal in 711 A.D., where they ruled until 1492. It was the Moors who brought Civilization to Europe during their ‘Dark age’. Civilization includes all of the Sciences, Mathematics, Architecture, Writing, Astronomy, Medicine, Spirituality, Organized Government, The Calendar, Personal Hygiene, etc. The Europeans knew nothing of these sciences before the Moors brought those sciences to Europe. The Moors built the first University in Europe, the University of Salamanca. You also need read (2) “The African Origin Of Civilization: Myth Or Reality”, (3) “Civilization Or Barbarism”, both by Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop (4) “The Star Of Deep Beginnings”, by Dr. Charles Finch. Finally, they need to read (5) “The Book Of Histories” by Herodotus, who proves that the ancient Egyptians were Black. He is regarded as ‘The Father of History’ by most Caucasians and he was an eye-witness to what they looked like.

    Quote by Herodotus from “The Book Of Histories”

    Herodotus was born in 484 B.C.E.

    If you read “The Book Of Histories” you’d know that Herodotus said, “The Egyptians did, however, say that they thought the original Colchians were men from Sesotris’ army. My own idea on the subject was based first on the fact that they have Black skins and woolly hair (not that that amounts to much, as other nations have the same), and secondly, and more especially, on the fact that the Colchians, The Egyptians, and the Ethiopians are the only races which from ancient times have practiced circumcision. The Phoenicians, and Syrians of Palestine, themselves who lived near the rivers Thermodon, and Parthenius, as well as their neighbors the Macronians, say they all learnt it only a short time ago, from the Colchians. No other nations use circumcision, and all these are without doubt following the Egyptian lead…”

    So, why would he describe the Egyptians (Kemetu) so differently in phenotype (hair, skin color, etc.) and Culture, if he looked like them? Because he had eyes and could clearly see what they looked like. And they didn’t look like him. Nor did the ancient Egyptians (Kemetu) look like the Arabs, invaders themselves, and who inhabit most of that Country today.

    Here’s another quote from “The Book Of Histories”:

    “It was the Egyptians who first made it an offense against piety to have intercourse with women in the Temples, or to enter Temples after having intercourse, without having previously washed…”The Egyptians are meticulous in their observance of this point, as indeed they are in everything else which concerns religion”.

    Finally, I’d say to him your arrogance in only ‘super ceded by your ignorance’.


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